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There’s Something “Just Write” for Everyone When CAPA-U Returns
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CAPA University 2011
8th Annual Writers Conference
Saturday, May 7 at the Hartford Steam Boiler Convention Center, Hartford, CT

 To download a copy of the brochure in pdf form, along with the application, simply click on the brochure to the left.

Meet with a literary agent or book-marketing expert during the 8th annual CAPA-U Professional Development Day – Saturday, May 7, 2011 – at the Hartford Steam Boiler conference facilities in downtown Hartford. Successful writing pros will share their expertise with burgeoning writers at this all-day conference sponsored by the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association (CAPA).

The day kicks off with our 2011 keynote speaker, Connecticut author Toni Andrews, followed by an hour-long panel discussion with the participating literary agents. Those same agents will be on hand throughout the day to meet with conference participants for 10-minute individual sessions.

Breakout sessions will include Jessica Anderson, best selling RITA and RT nominated author, speaking about the five major questions she uses to construct a world in World Building is NOT just for Paranormals, Wayne English on how to promote yourself online, with Write Your Social Networking Campaign, and Connecticut Magazine editor Charles Monagan, on Writing for Magazines.  Regency Historical novelist Kathryn Smith will talk about Writing Historical Romance, and children’s picture book illustrator Ben Quesnel will speak on Working with an Illustrator.  Jason Alster, author, artist and biofeedback specialist will demonstrate techniques for Dealing with Writer’s Block.  

Participants will also have the chance to meet well known Connecticut editors Roberta Buland, Beth Bruno and Rita Reali, during their popular The Editors Panel workshop.  Penguin, Doubleday and Guideposts author Katherine Valentine will speak on Writing for the Christian Market, and award winning author Patricia Sheehy will explore various publishing options in Do It Yourself: Your Book, Your Way.  Children’s book author Shirley Webb will show participants how to create unique characters in her workshop Giving Life To Your Story World Characters. Eileen Albrizio has a unique workshop about Using Poetic Techniques to Write Vivid and Exciting Prose.  Michael Linnard from Little Red Tree Publishing will talk on Working with a Small Publisher.  Boston literary agent Ann Collette will conduct a workshop on Query Writing.  Brian Jud, president of Book Marketing Works, will present ways to sell books to non-bookstore markets in Beyond the Bookstore, and D’vorah Lansky will explain strategies for developing an effective and affordable social interactive online presence in Social Networking and Blogging for Authors

The 8th Annual CAPA-U will take place at the Hartford Steam Boiler , One State Street in Hartford. The day begins with registration and continental breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and runs until 5 p.m. Lunch and parking are included. Advance registration is required and space is limited.  The cost for the day-long event is $135.00 if you register before March 1 and $150.00 thereafter.  To register for CAPA-U 2011 or for additional information about the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, visit    

The Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association was founded in 1994 to help Connecticut’s authors and aspiring authors improve their writing skills – and increase the visibility and sales of their books and articles – by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information.

Keynote Speaker:

Author Toni Andrews

Everything I know About the Writing Business,

I Learned at the Office

One day in January of 2004, Toni Andrews decided to become a novelist. There were a few problems: First, she had yet to write the first line of her first book. Second, she knew nothing about the publishing industry. But she did have one advantage: her day job. Toni will tell you how the tools and skills she used in her job as a corporate business analyst helped her to achieve her goal of signing a multiple book deal with a major publisher—a goal she achieved in under two years.

Toni Andrews likes to say it's easier to list the jobs she hasn't tried. From lifeguard to lounge singer, bartender to bill collector, door-to-door salesperson to corporate business analyst--Toni has been there and done that. Then, she decided that what she really wanted to be was a writer. After fifteen years in Southern California and seven in Miami, Toni returned to the lakeside cottage in Connecticut where she spent her childhood summers, where she writes full time. Toni also writes romance novels under the pen name Virginia Reede.

Take advantage of a chance to meet and question all the literary agents at a panel discussion
following the keynote address.

CAPA-U Workshop Sessions Feature

Experts in Writing, Publishing and Marketing


Session 1—11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (choose one of the five speakers)

D’vorah Lansky—Social Networking and Blogging for Authors: Seven Simple Things You Can Do to Grow Your Business and Your Brand

In today’s busy world, it is essential to have a vibrant and interactive online presence. In this session D’vorah will be sharing with us simple, effective and affordable social networking and blogging strategies. Marketing online, via your blog and the social networks, will grow your business and your brand exponentially. D’vorah will be addressing these questions and more: With so many social networking sites, which ones are best for authors and why? How much time does one need to devote to social networking? What is a blog and how does it differ from a Website? Why is a blog considered to be the hub of our online empire? What is a book blog? What do I write about on my blog? How do I encourage interaction with my blog readers? Are there ways to automate the connection between our blog and our social networks? How do I create a following of raving fans? What can I do to create a bridge between my online and offline marketing?


Jessica Andersen—World Building is NOT just for Paranormals!

It doesn't matter whether you're writing a historical, a contemporary or an urban fantasy (or something else entirely!), your reader needs to be grounded in the sights, sounds and smells that the characters experience. That means building a world around them. In this enjoyable interactive workshop, best selling author Jessica Andersen will talk about the five major questions she uses to construct a world, and how they can be tweaked to liven up almost any setting under the sun, moon, candelabra, lava lamp, or light source of your choice.

Jessica Andersen is the best selling RITA and RT nominated author of more than twenty Harlequin Intrigues and the Nightkeeper novels, a hot paranormal series that sexes up the 2012 doomsday. FMI about the books or Jessica, please visit


Eileen Albrizio— Using Poetic Techniques to Write Vivid and Exciting Prose

Poetry is a concise and descriptive language, using rhetorical devices such as rhyme, meter, metaphor, repetition and alliteration to evoke genuine emotion and create dynamic images in a limited amount of space. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to elicit these same emotions and develop these vibrant scenes in prose? In this workshop, we will explore the many devices used in poetry and utilize them to create exciting and tangible prose. Whether writing a novel or memoir, these techniques will make the writing experience not only more enjoyable, but help you develop a more successful product. Eileen Albrizio is a writer of poetry and prose as well as a freelance proofreader and editor. Her works have appeared in numerous literary publications. He books are Messy on the Inside, Rain – Dark as Water in Winter, and Perennials: New & Selected Poems, nominated for the 2008 CT Book Award. On the Edge, a recitation of her poetry on CD, was produced in 2003. A two-time winner of the GHAC Individual Artist Fellowship for poetry, she has also penned several plays, short stories, novels and is currently working on two projects: a compilation of short fiction and a supernatural novel called The Rope, the Tire, and the Tree. Her one-act verse-play, Rain, was honored as one of the top twenty best-written plays of 1997 by Writer’s Digest. Albrizio has taught poetry and creative writing in several colleges and cultural institutions as well as the York Correctional Institute, Connecticut’s maximum-security prison for women, under the creative writing program made famous by best-selling author Wally Lamb. In 2005, Albrizio left a twelve-year career as a radio news host and broadcast journalist. Nine of those twelve years were spent working for National Public Radio and its Connecticut affiliate, WNPR in Hartford, CT.

Charles Monagan - Writing for Magazines

Charles Monagan, the editor of Connecticut Magazine, has been a writer and editor for the past 35 years. During that time he’s had his work appear in a number of national publications, such as Harper’s, Yankee, Playboy, Glamour, The Washington Post, Newsday and The Boston Globe. He is also the author of eight books, including five humor books: The Neurotic’s Handbook, The Complete Neurotic, The Reluctant Naturalist, Poodles From Hell and How to Get a Monkey into Harvard plus Connecticut Icons.

Since he became the editor of Connecticut Magazine in 1989, the magazine has won several national awards for editorial excellence, including three gold medals for reporting awarded by the City and Regional Magazine Association. Monagan himself won the coveted Gold Medal for Reporting in 1999 for an article on Aetna Casualty Insurance Co. He has also been a multiple winner of annual awards from the Connecticut Society of Journalists, the first coming in 1974 and the most recent in 2010.


The Editors Panel - Roberta Buland, Beth Bruno & Rita Reali

Three well known Connecticut editors: Roberta Buland, Beth Bruno and Rita Reali, will be working with writers on how to polish their writing to make it more acceptable to publishers. Writers attending this panel will submit samples of their writing in advance for the editors to critique.

Lunch 12:30 p.m.—1:45 p.m.

Session 2—1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p. m. (choose one of the five speakers)

Kathryn Smith— Writing Historical Romance

Kathryn's passion for the Regency period and romance lead her to write more than 10 Regency Historical novels, several of which are included in three different book series. “I decided I wanted to be a romance writer when I was 10 years old and had just finished reading a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's Ashes In the Wind, which I had 'liberated' from my older sister. I tried writing my own romance, complete with love scene (my poor mother!) soon after. Though I toyed with other genres growing up (I especially loved horror and fantasy) and did the typical teen poetry purge, I always came back to romance. These days, being able to combine my love of romance with my fascination for the paranormal is one of the highlights of my life.”


Ben Quesnel - Working With an Illustrator

Ben graduate with a degree in Art Education at Southern Connecticut State University. He illustrated the children’s picture book Sarah Walked to School in 2008, Ben will discuss the process of creating a children’s book and give a demonstration on how to draw favorite characters from the Sarah story. He will talk about the process of an author working with an illustrator, the various approaches that can be used and the way illustrations are created, photographed and integrated into the final book. Authors who are interested in creating a picture book would learn how the author and illustrator work together to create the finished book.


Michael Linnard—Working With a Small Publisher

Michael Linnard, originally from Cardiff, South Wales, left school at 16 and joined the Royal Air Force. After serving many years began a life as a songwriter and musician. Following several years of making wonderful music with two great friends Christopher Jones and David Hughes and recording several albums plus gaining a songwriting contract, he retired from music and trained as a furniture and later an Interior and Graphic Designer. He left professional design to become a teacher of design rising to Director of Design Technology in several London (UK) inner city schools. Michael met Tamara and moved to the United States from the UK and decided to start a publishing company with a difference.



Wayne English — Write Your Social Networking Campaign

Promote your books and yourself online. Wayne will show you how to write your social networking campaign to promote your book, career, or to establish yourself as an expert. He’ll talk about getting the most from Twitter, your blog, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You will see the difference a single letter can make in your work and how a prominent business club offered dead relatives for Easter dessert. Wayne English is a Web content and social networking expert, accomplished speaker, instructor, author, writer, and Web master. His first book, Web Content Rx A Quick and Handy Guide for Writers, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People, is one of The Washington Post’s Top 5 Business Titles. Wayne is published nationally and internationally in magazines, newspapers, and newsletters in print and online. His short fiction, "Shift World," is published at and other places online as well. Wayne is president of Web Content Rx LLC. He lives in Coventry, CT with his wife and daughter.


Jason Alster—Dealing With Writer’s Block

Are you having a slump? Do you find you can’t start or complete a project? Are you flooded with distractions? Are you too hyper or anxious to maintain a fresh flow of ideas? Have circumstance decrease your motivation to write? Is procrastination a word you know all too well? This workshop will cover ideas, techniques and secrets for being creative when you need it most. Jason Alster MSc, author, artist, biofeedback specialist and creativity coach, will demonstrate techniques an author can use to relax, sit down, generate ideas and finish that book.


2:45 p.m.—3:00 p.m. Break

Session Three - 3:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. (choose one of the five speakers)

Katherine Valentine—Writing for the Christian Market.

It takes more than a good story to become a successful Christian author. In fact, some might say that one must also have a ‘calling’ to share one’s faith. For award winning author, Katherine Valentine who has written for Penguin, Doubleday and Guideposts, that means writing novels that showcase how God responds to our needs through the people and events He strews across our paths in response to our prayers. Katherine, a highly sought after Christian speaker, will share the story of her thirty year, spiritual journey that began with a miraculous healing in 1981 and the faith lessons that ensued which would ultimately lead to a six-figure advance for her first novel. Katherine will also share her insights into the Christian publishing world, including: the power of an ongoing series to attract publishers by garnering a growing audience; what publishers expect from new writers; and the importance of finding an agent well-versed in the Christian market. The talk with conclude with a question and answer period.


Patricia Sheehy - Do It Yourself: Your Book, Your Way.

It's time to think beyond the traditional publishing model. There are all kinds of ways to get your book into the hands of readers. In this workshop, we'll explore various publishing options; discover how and why to create your own imprint; see how Create Space and Lightning Source can serve your printing and distribution needs and examine e-book opportunities, such as Kindle and Nook. Patricia Sheehy, the award-winning author of four books (and counting!) took what some might call a drastic and dramatic step: she reclaimed rights from her traditional publisher and reissued her books under her own imprint, Arcadia House. She learned a lot along the way - including how to make your book an Amazon Bestseller - and will openly share those learnings, provide insight, examine pros and cons and answer your questions.


Shirley Webb— Giving Life To Your Story World Characters

Shirley Webb, a much published author in the genre of children books, young adult and adult fiction, will show you how to create caring, compelling, and believable characters (the good, the bad, and the ugly) for your story world.  She will cover the following topics: how to make your viewpoint character unique and believable from the first page, how to give your characters a reason for behaving as they do, how to increase the tension and conflict between characters. How to establish and resolve the black moment and how to give your reader a satisfying ending.



Ann Collette— Query Writing

Writing a successful query letter is vital to any writer who hopes to gain the attention of either agent or publisher. Ann Collette brings her experience as an agent to share with writers and guide their way to successful query writing.

Ann Collette was a freelance writer and editor for 15 years before becoming an agent. She reviewed fiction for Publishers Weekly for six years, and wrote reviews, author profiles and features for over 30 other magazines, including Book, Entertainment Weekly, MS., and The Boston Globe. Initially approached by Helen Rees to evaluate manuscripts for the agency, Ann was asked to join as an agent in 2000. Her clients include Edgar and RWA nominee Vicki Lane and Steven Sidor.


Brian Jud—Beyond the Bookstore

Brian is active in special-sales marketing. He is the author of the Publishers Weekly title, Beyond the Bookstore and How to Make Real Money Selling Books. Brian is the editor of the Book Marketing Matters newsletter on special sales topics. Brian developed and introduced the Special-Sales Profit Center, the web-based, targeted-marketing system that helps deliver incremental sales and profits. This system is being used by publishers around the country and by R. R. Bowker to sell books to non-bookstore markets. Brian Jud is an author, book-marketing consultant, seminar leader, television host and president of Book Marketing Works, LLC.

Meet The Agents

Agents will meet with conference participants for 10-minute individual sessions.

Foladé Bell began her career in publishing shortly after graduating from Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. She brings a multifaceted background to Serendipity Literary Agency. Having worked within several fields, she brings a diverse background in various aspects of media, new media and publishing. A creative activist, Foladé cultivated her sales, negotiation and client management skills within positions at Reed Elsevier, Business Wire and The Nielsen Company. Since joining Serendipity Literary Agency, she is focused on unearthing the raw potential of new authors ready to enter the collaborative process as well as assisting existing authors advance their careers.

Foladé is actively seeking to represent a broad range of projects. She is particularly drawn to: literary and commercial women’s fiction with a strong sense of story, voice and character; funny and relatable fiction; Daring YA books that showcase a fresh, unique perspective; literary mysteries/thrillers that aren’t formulaic or market saturated, contemporary historical fiction, African-American issues, gay/lesbian, Christian fiction, humor and books that deeply explore other cultures. No subject is out-of-bounds. She loves non-fiction that reads like fiction. Feel free to approach her with ideas adapted from blogs or websites with new views on pop culture.

Gina Panettieri is the President of Milford, Connecticut-based Talcott Notch Literary. She's represented authors for more than twenty years, and can't imagine doing anything else! She maintains a diversified and eclectic list of clients, from award-winning true crime writer Ron Franscell, to bestselling horror and urban fantasy writers Wayne Simmons and Nancy Holzner, to ground-breaking young adult author Beth Fehlbaum and world-renowned adoption expert Dr. Karyn Purvis. Our clients range from Professors from Harvard Medical School and the Deans of major universities to the President Emeritus of Unity to the President of Frederick's of Hollywood. Her agency's website is

Gina is currently seeking both fiction and nonfiction, for both adults and children (middle-grade and YA only). Our current nonfiction emphasis is on health, business, parenting, sports, history, politics and current events. In fiction, we're looking for mystery, suspense, thrillers, urban fantasy, horror, and romance. For children, we're looking for fantasy, horror, adventure, humor, romance, and history. But don't feel limited by our list here and try us with nearly anything—except poetry or picture books.

Louise Fury of the L. Perkins Agency believes in the power of marketing and is constantly on the lookout for authors who know how to promote themselves. She is seeking high concept Young Adult fiction and fun, imaginative and engaging Middle Grade fiction--think humor, adventure and mystery. The characters must be authentic and original. Louise really loves romance (especially Regency and Victorian), contemporary, paranormal and steampunk romance. She's passionate about connecting with South African authors--anything about South Africa, or by a South African author is on her wish list. In non-fiction she is looking for pop culture and humor. NO science fiction, YA "issue" books or erotica. If your manuscript contains one or many of these elements, is COMPLETE, well-written and ready to be seen by an editor, send your query and the first five pages to: For more information on Louise or to take a peek at her client list, visit or follow her on twitter @louisefury

Dr. Uwe Stender, founder of TriadaUS Literary Agency, is a Full Member of the AAR (Association of Authors’ Representatives). Our best known clients are former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan, bestselling author and 2001 NAACP Image Award Recipient for Outstanding Literature in Fiction Omar Tyree, bestselling author Michael Konik, BET’s Jeff Johnson, bestselling author and relationship expert Dr. Joel Block, legendary NBA referee Bob Delaney, and author Dan Fante. We are open to all submissions in nonfiction and fiction. In fiction, we are particularly looking for literary fiction, women’s fiction, YA and mysteries.

Weronika Janczuk is an associate literary agent with D4EO Literary Agency, where she represents a wide array of fiction -- including literary, commercial and crime fiction, fantasy/sci-fi, women's fiction, horror, and romance -- as well as non-fiction that appeals to a general audience. She's worked in different capacities with both acquisitions editors and other literary agents. Additional details can be found on her website (

Jennifer DeChiara is president and owner of the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency, which she founded in 2001. Before forming the agency, she was a literary agent with two established New York agencies, worked in the editorial departments of Simon & Schuster and Random House, and was a writing consultant for several major corporations. She represents both children's and adult books, fiction and non-fiction, in a wide range of genres and represents many best-selling, award-winning authors, including Lambda Award-winning YA novelist Brent Hartinger, best-selling children's book authors Chanda Bell and Carol Aebersold, and #1 New York Times best-selling author Sylvia Browne. The agency represents children's literature for all ages - picture books and middle-grade and young adult novels - but also represents high-quality adult fiction and non-fiction in a wide range of genres. The categories we are most enthusiastic about agenting are literary and commercial fiction; mysteries; thrillers; celebrity biographies; humor; psychology and self-help; parenting; health and fitness; women's issues; men's issues; pop culture; film and television; social issues and contemporary affairs. In general, we are open to books and/or proposals on any subject, in every genre; if in doubt, just query us, only via email, at

Ann Collette was a freelance writer and editor for 15 years before becoming an agent. She reviewed fiction for Publishers Weekly for six years, and wrote reviews, author profiles and features for over 30 other magazines, including Book, Entertainment Weekly, MS., and The Boston Globe. Initially approached by Helen Rees to evaluate manuscripts for the agency, Ann was asked to join as an agent in 2000. Her clients include Edgar and RWA nominee Vicki Lane and Steven Sidor. Though Ann loves literary fiction and is always open to considering such work, she specializes in category fiction. She's always on the lookout for thrillers, mysteries, and the darkest of dark crime fiction. Last year saw the publication of the first vampire novel she's represented, Clay and Susan Griffith's Vampire Empire -- The Greyfriar (the first in a trilogy), and in March 2011, the first cyber thriller she's represented, Zero Day, by Mark Russinovich, will be published. Ann also enjoys women's fiction, particularly works suited for book clubs. Novels and non fiction set in Southeast Asia, or books dealing with race and class, are always of interest to her. Ann does not represent romance, sci fi, high fantasy, children's or YA.

Linda Roghaar has been in the book business since 1974. She worked in retail bookstores, and for many years was a publishers' rep who sold independent and university presses to bookstores, chains and wholesalers. This experience prepared her well for her career as an agent, which began in 1996. The Linda Roghaar Literary Agency represents authors with substantial messages and specializes in nonfiction. Linda sells to major, independent, and university presses. Linda is a generalist, but does not handle romance, horror, or science fiction.

Marketing Expert

Note: Marketer Brian Jud will be available to speak with authors during the day. If you wish to speak with him, indicate so in the “Consultations” section of your application.

Follow Up Session - 4:00 p.m.—5:00 p.m.

Meet all the authors and chat.

A drawing will be held at 4:00 pm.

1st. Prize—Refund of your CAPA-U registration fee!

2nd. Prize—Membership in CAPA for one year!

Have your favorite author autograph their books for you in the CAPA-U Bookstore.